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To drain water on top of the pool cover is essential as the primary precaution on the proper maintenance of the pool cover. It is best to prevent the cover from damaging– caused by heavyweight on top of it. Also, by doing so, the safety of everyone is rest assured. Small children might get the chance to drown on accumulated water above the pool cover if it has not drained. So to do this task is best with the use of a pump. A little effort of submerging the cover pump on the pool cover water, plug and turn on, and that’s it! Only check back on the cover pump after the process to turn it off and store. 

However, a pump is a little pricey. It is quite expensive for those who have a tight budget. A very reason for some to settle for other possible resort on how to drain pool cover water– even if this means that there is a need to allot more time and effort to do so. So good news! There are still other ways to drain a pool cover even without a pool pump. These are the bail in a pail/bucket technique and siphoning with a garden hose process.

without pool pump

Bail in a Pail/Bucket Technique

If bucket or a pail container is all you got, this is your option. Doing so can only remove small amounts of water. So prepare to allot enough time because it takes a while to drain the water, especially if there is a lot of them to remove. Start by dipping the pail container to collect the water with the debris included. Fill the pail with water and lift it off the cover. Be as well patient to lean over the pool cover and in dipping the water down. Also, for faster collection of water, look for heavyweights to stand with you above the pool cover. With this, pool cover water flows towards your direction in which you can start to bail the water in a bucket right in front of you. 

Siphon With a Garden Hose

This process to explain uses a hose and gravity to drain the water off the pool cover successfully. The end of the tube should submerge on the pool cover water, while the other can connect with the faucet to which the needed gravity is. The hose must fill with water, as well as the pool cover water should overflow and guarantees that the other end of the tube is underneath. From there, the connecting end with the faucet can disconnect and swing on the ground to start draining the water. It can opt. To put objects to anchor the hose down provided that it will not cause any interruption on the water flow. It is to secure the submerging tube to stay in place and draining the pool cover water can be continuous. So keep an eye while siphoning is being made to keep the ends of the garden hose from moving.

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How to Build a Pool Cover Roller

A solar pool cover roller is one of the significant parts of a solar reel. It is where a solar cover is placed thus work in laying down or storing away of a solar blanket from the swimming pool. It can be used alone, without an assembled machine (reel). To do this, here are the steps on how to build a pool cover roller to be of use for solar covers even only by itself.

The following steps should begin after a solar cover has been cut in the appropriate measurement and right after its installation on the pool area.

  • Prepare the materials needed. These are the open-end rings/socket spanner (9mm and 19mm), hammer, small wooden block, a tape measure, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a cordless drill with Phillips head bit. A cordless drill is required to use for the best safety. Electric tools must be eliminated to prevent electric shock. 
  • Purchase ABS DWV tube measuring about 1 ½ inch as for the roller because of its ability to float. It is because it is a composition of foam compared with the PVC or the traditional aluminum. They can only cause sinking of the solar cover in the middle.
  • Prepare a 10-centimeter pipe included of a doubler, but can also opt if preferred to use continuous pieces of pipes.
  • For a stationary pool cover roller type, screw the stabilization feet in place. While on the other hand, if it is a mobile solar cover roller type planning to build, bolt its wheels in position.
  • Position the hand-wheels. Hit them on the axle on which end of the tube. Heal it with a hand, or might as well make use of a hammer and the wooden block. Position the wooden block in between the hammer and the wheel. The steel hammer should not hit the motor directly. It can result in damaging the wheel.
  • If the base or the wheel is too tight, slide the end legs of the pool cover roller on the axles at both ends of the roller tube. Once they are in position, suit the securing wire and the retaining ring on the moving section of the cover roller axle at the end. The roller end leg will no longer slide off its shaft because the retaining ring is already attached.
  • The roller has finally built. It is now ready to connect with the solar cover. To do so, make use of a 2 inches sized fastener and a ¼ piece of pipe. Configure in a clamp. Bolts included in the traditional solar cover roller can also use. Also, another option is the automotive panel fastener containing drilled holes in the clamp and the tube.
  • Try rolling the cover. Reach the pipe under the solar cover, twist it off, and the solar cover will move by itself. To unroll, pull off the cover partially, spread into the deck before finally pull the entire cover off and pull the ends of the solar blanket to unwrap it fully.

How Much Does a Pool Safety Cover Cost

Safety should always be on top of the list at any circumstances. So as for swimming pools, drowning is what needs to prevent. Be cautious. It can happen to anyone; adults, animals, and most especially on kids. Safety pool covers can help a lot with that matter. They can hold massive weights securely, thus keep inevitable children and pets away from the pool water. That is why most pool owners use this type of pool cover. It always feels right to stay safe.

Safety pool covers are covers with springs on straps, connecting to the shelter. It will then be anchored to concrete to secure the connection. The installation requires the protection to be as tight as the trampoline to provide the best of safety. It keeps the leaves, and other debris dry, making them easy to blow away.

Safety pool covers come in two types: the mesh safety pool cover and the solid pool cover.

Mesh Safety Pool Cover

It is the primary type of security cover that typically lasts 10-15 years. It is an expert in keeping leaves and other debris off. It can also support heavy weight. Because of this, mesh covers do not require any attention. Its price is lower, and possesses light-weight, compared with the other safety cover type. Since it is more like a net, it will not need a pump to remove water. It cannot collect rainwater. However, because of this, the pool water is expected to be dirty. It takes much work to bring back the standard cleanliness of the pool water. Usually, clearing the cloud or murky water takes 2 to 5 days to open the swimming pool. Cleaning the pool water takes that long if it is contaminated.  

Solid Safety Pool Cover

It is the other safety pool cover type made from solid vinyl plastic that can last for about 6-10 years. It is not quite as long as the mesh cover’s life span. Compared with the mesh cover,  light and water are not welcome. It may result in the prevention of algae growth, thus swimming pool is undoubtedly far from contamination. However, it requires a pump to remove the water on top of it upon opening up the swimming pool. 

The price of swimming pool safety cover ranges $1,200- $3,000. A very reasonable price for a protection that helps saves lives, effort, water, replacement cost, accessories, and energy. It saves lives, as reported earlier, up to what extent. Conserves water because water can fill up naturally. It is best, possibly during spring. Saves effort because it is very convenient to install, remove, and maintain. Save accessories in such a way it does not need as many accessories than that of the solid safety pool cover. Save replacement cost for the reason that it can last four times longer than the lifespan of other solid covers. Also, save energy that does not require a pool cover pump for the entire winter.

What is the Best Solar Pool Cover

Always remember that the best solar pool cover is the one that has a thick solar pool blanket and the best ultraviolet resistance. It also has excellent color and possesses perfect fitting. Since solar pool covers absorb heat energy under the sunlight while protecting the swimming pool water from other elements, they should also have the best durability and overall value.

Consider all these if looking for the best solar pool cover to buy and use. Though they come in a variety of shapes and thickness, always see to it that any solar pool cover you choose will never fail to provide the best of its effectivity. To be of help in finding the best solar pool cover, here are some of the researched solar pool cover brands of different quality, size, and prices. Deciding which of them is the best is up to you.

Magni-Clear Above Ground Solar Pool Cover by Blue Wave

Its solar cover is transparent. A round shaped solar pool cover with diameters ranging from 15-33 ft. It has protective layers made from polymer plastic that should not leave under the sunlight for long. The sun’s heat might separate these layers. Under the blanket are air bubbles for better protection. Its transparent appearance doesn’t allow the absorption and reflection of light, causing the pool water to absorb the sun’s heat by it. Its blanket is thick. It is the best option for the protection of the swimming pool.

5 Mil BlueBlue Solar Pool Cover by Doheny’s

The thinnest (5mils.) and very lightweight solar pool cover making it not useful in trapping heat. Its solar blanket can only use in a single season for scorching places. It comes in three colors (clear, blue, and clear-blue combination). The air bubbles at the bottom are what insulates the swimming pool from elements and other debris. 

pool cover

8 Mil BlueBlue Solar Pool Cover by Doheny’s

An eight mils. thick solar pool cover made from polyethylene plastic. It may come in a round, rectangular and oval shape and of different sizes as well. The blanket of transparent appearance heats the pool faster. Blue colored sheet gives better protection from debris and other elements. A combination of blue-clear color if in case looking for less heat with more security.

12 Mil Poolcenter Solar Pool Cover

It is a thick solar blanket, made from polyethylene plastic that is capable of heating the swimming pool water ranging from 10-15 degrees. It has air pocket raised to prevent evaporation and offers protection from more massive debris (branches, falling trees, garbage). Its air bubbles trap heat keeping pool water warm. Because it is thick, it is durable. However, avoid to expose in direct sunlight most of the time. It comes in different sizes for all types of pool. 

16 Mil Poolcenter Solar Pool Cover

It is one of the thickest solar pool cover available. The top layer is made from polyethylene plastic and is aluminum made with tiny air-filled pockets as an insulator at the bottom.  There is no waste of sun’s heat.  

How to Use Solar Pool Cover

Making use of a solar pool cover increases the pool water temperature while corresponding swimming pool costs decrease. The pool costs mentioned include chemical consumption, electrical bills, and water bills. It can even help prolong the urge for swimming. 

Here are some tips on how to use a solar pool cover. It is for those who are interested and for the first timers as well. To already experience the benefits in which generally is very economical.

First thing’s first; purchase a solar pool over. Measure the swimming pool to know the measurement of the solar cover needed. Make use of a tape measure. Be defined and accurate about the right size. 

Put the solar cover on every time the swimming pool is not in use. At daytime, solar pool cover works in a way that it absorbs heat from the sun and warms the pool water. There is no need for a pool heater. Also, water can as well evaporate during the day, but using solar cover can prevent it from happening. Likewise, pool chemicals disappear from direct sunlight, thus putting a solar cover on can stop it. At night, a solar pool cover works in such a way that it prevents heat loss caused by the lowering of the temperature and the occurrence of evaporation. It insulates the pool water and contains the heat gained the whole day. 

If wish to use the swimming pool, put the solar pool cover off before diving into the swimming pool. Roll it off and store on the side. Purchase a solar pool cover reel to do any activity with the pool cover (remove, install, or replace) conveniently and of less effort. Just return the solar pool cover on when finished with the swimming pool. 

If in case need to cut the solar pool cover to fit in with the pool ladders and rails, refer and consult on the solar cover warranty before proceeding with the desire. It is better to be safe than sorry.

The solar pool cover should not use during dangerous circumstances. It pertains to the days of strong winds and heavy storms. Remove the solar pool cover during these days. It is to secure the blanket from possible damage caused by falling debris. Aside from the circumstances mentioned above, avoid using the solar cover when an earthquake shocks the pool. Remove the solar swimming pool cover as early as possible. It can damage the solar blanket from low ph balance, low alkaline level, and soft water. Until the ph level is less than 2.5ppm, do not put the solar pool cover on.

For those months that the swimming pool will not be of use, remove the solar pool cover permanently. Follow the proper storage for this cover. Please keep it safe. It should still be of use on the coming swimming season for the following years. It can even exceed its given life span if to apply proper maintenance and storage in every season.  

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