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New Shanghai Circus – Act Descriptions

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Chair Stack – A very exciting and suspenseful act in which an acrobat stacks chairs on top of each other eventually creating a ladder of 7 chairs reaching 30 feet above the stage and performing acrobatic moves such as a one armed hand stand and a sit- stand while balancing on the top chair.

Roller Skating – A young couple whirls and twirls on the top of a skating table 5 feet in diameter.

Hoop Diving – In this fast paced act, the men of the troupe flip and dive though a series of hoops, some as high as 10 feet off of the stage.

Face Opera- Beijing Opera Masks are the basis of this astounding act in which the master magician changes his face before the audiences eyes.

Ballet- A beautiful and moving acrobatic adagio ballet performed by a lovely young couple.

Diablo – The ladies of the troupe exhibit exquisite skill as they rapidly fling their Chinese yo-yos above the stage, flipping and dancing as they go.

Human Strength – A trio of acrobats demonstrate grace and strength by lifting and bending each other to form living statues.

Hula Hoop – The ensemble exhabits amazing acrobatic prowess with a favorite children’s toy, the Hula Hoop.

Group Chairs – Creating a bridge of chairs, high in the air the ladies of the troupe climb to reach the sky. 

Hat Juggling – Some people juggle balls, some people juggle socks, some their  schedules, and some their  bank accounts, but the men of our troupe juggle their Hats.

Nose Balancing – This lovely young acrobat balances a tray of crystal wine glasses and lighted candles on her nose while walking across a bridge of lighted glass bulbs and turning flips and backbends.

Silk –High above the stage this beautiful couple bravely fly though the air performing an exquisite aerial ballet.

Teeterboard – Using a simple schoolyard seesaw, or springboard, the acrobats catapult across the stage to the shoulders of waiting acrobats creating a human tower 3 people high.

Rola Bola – A new twist on balancing the old teeter-totter, a young man not only balances on a small board on  rolling barrel, but juggles bowls and silverware while doing it.

Contortion- In an combining dance and gymnastic skills, these five beautiful ladies bend and twist creating intricate human knots.


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