How to Build a Pool Cover Roller

A solar pool cover roller is one of the significant parts of a solar reel. It is where a solar cover is placed thus work in laying down or storing away of a solar blanket from the swimming pool. It can be used alone, without an assembled machine (reel). To do this, here are the steps on how to build a pool cover roller to be of use for solar covers even only by itself.

The following steps should begin after a solar cover has been cut in the appropriate measurement and right after its installation on the pool area.

  • Prepare the materials needed. These are the open-end rings/socket spanner (9mm and 19mm), hammer, small wooden block, a tape measure, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a cordless drill with Phillips head bit. A cordless drill is required to use for the best safety. Electric tools must be eliminated to prevent electric shock. 
  • Purchase ABS DWV tube measuring about 1 ½ inch as for the roller because of its ability to float. It is because it is a composition of foam compared with the PVC or the traditional aluminum. They can only cause sinking of the solar cover in the middle.
  • Prepare a 10-centimeter pipe included of a doubler, but can also opt if preferred to use continuous pieces of pipes.
  • For a stationary pool cover roller type, screw the stabilization feet in place. While on the other hand, if it is a mobile solar cover roller type planning to build, bolt its wheels in position.
  • Position the hand-wheels. Hit them on the axle on which end of the tube. Heal it with a hand, or might as well make use of a hammer and the wooden block. Position the wooden block in between the hammer and the wheel. The steel hammer should not hit the motor directly. It can result in damaging the wheel.
  • If the base or the wheel is too tight, slide the end legs of the pool cover roller on the axles at both ends of the roller tube. Once they are in position, suit the securing wire and the retaining ring on the moving section of the cover roller axle at the end. The roller end leg will no longer slide off its shaft because the retaining ring is already attached.
  • The roller has finally built. It is now ready to connect with the solar cover. To do so, make use of a 2 inches sized fastener and a ¼ piece of pipe. Configure in a clamp. Bolts included in the traditional solar cover roller can also use. Also, another option is the automotive panel fastener containing drilled holes in the clamp and the tube.
  • Try rolling the cover. Reach the pipe under the solar cover, twist it off, and the solar cover will move by itself. To unroll, pull off the cover partially, spread into the deck before finally pull the entire cover off and pull the ends of the solar blanket to unwrap it fully.
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