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To drain water on top of the pool cover is essential as the primary precaution on the proper maintenance of the pool cover. It is best to prevent the cover from damaging– caused by heavyweight on top of it. Also, by doing so, the safety of everyone is rest assured. Small children might get the chance to drown on accumulated water above the pool cover if it has not drained. So to do this task is best with the use of a pump. A little effort of submerging the cover pump on the pool cover water, plug and turn on, and that’s it! Only check back on the cover pump after the process to turn it off and store. 

However, a pump is a little pricey. It is quite expensive for those who have a tight budget. A very reason for some to settle for other possible resort on how to drain pool cover water– even if this means that there is a need to allot more time and effort to do so. So good news! There are still other ways to drain a pool cover even without a pool pump. These are the bail in a pail/bucket technique and siphoning with a garden hose process.

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Bail in a Pail/Bucket Technique

If bucket or a pail container is all you got, this is your option. Doing so can only remove small amounts of water. So prepare to allot enough time because it takes a while to drain the water, especially if there is a lot of them to remove. Start by dipping the pail container to collect the water with the debris included. Fill the pail with water and lift it off the cover. Be as well patient to lean over the pool cover and in dipping the water down. Also, for faster collection of water, look for heavyweights to stand with you above the pool cover. With this, pool cover water flows towards your direction in which you can start to bail the water in a bucket right in front of you. 

Siphon With a Garden Hose

This process to explain uses a hose and gravity to drain the water off the pool cover successfully. The end of the tube should submerge on the pool cover water, while the other can connect with the faucet to which the needed gravity is. The hose must fill with water, as well as the pool cover water should overflow and guarantees that the other end of the tube is underneath. From there, the connecting end with the faucet can disconnect and swing on the ground to start draining the water. It can opt. To put objects to anchor the hose down provided that it will not cause any interruption on the water flow. It is to secure the submerging tube to stay in place and draining the pool cover water can be continuous. So keep an eye while siphoning is being made to keep the ends of the garden hose from moving.

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