Fred Curchack's
Fred Curchack - Master Magician of Performance Art


" 'Stuff As Dreams Are Made On' explores the world of an actor trying to play all the roles in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

But the play is also an exploration of the power of theatre and the awe-inspiring effects that can be created with a few simple ingredients and a wonderful imagination…

Curchack proves himself a master at presenting the unexpected…for anyone who wants to be surprised, challenged and, above all, entertained, it shouldn't be missed."
Barbara Crook, The Citizen, Ottawa, Canada

“Best of the Week… Fred Curchack – writer, editor, director, musician, mask-maker, lighting technician and solo performer extraordinaire delivers a don’t-miss tour-de-force performance in 'Stuff As Dreams Are Made On,' his sly,visually astonishing deconstruction of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.”
― Scott Collins, Los Angeles Times

"…it is clear that when Mr. Curchack is on stage, imagination knows no limitations.

His art is firmly rooted in technique,ranging from Noh to Kathakali, from classic mime to Method acting…

Mr. Curchack is so polymorphous in performance that at the end of the show, one might expect to see a dozen participating artists take a bow instead of one unmasked, seraphic-looking theatrical virtuoso."
Mel Gussow, The New York Times
(reprinted in Gussow's book, Theatre on the Edge)

"On the scale of one to 10 - 10 being incredible, elegant, guerrilla, gonzo, in-your face theater - Fred Curchack cracked the thermometer last night… It becomes an adventure just keeping up with the actor.

…One minute he is deranged Marcel Marceau, next he is Noh girl, next a Sex Pistol, next a snake-oil salesman, then a social critic, a slapstick comic, a slick dude, a shadow, gone.

Curchack's mastery of shadow play and light would be reason enough to see him. He uses theater to amaze, illuminate, empower…if you like wizardry, conjuration and wonderment, by all means don't miss 'Stuff As Dreams Are Made On.' "
Wayne Lee, The Seattle Times

"Fred Curchack is definitely some kind of genius…a virtuoso man of the theatre. The things he does with voice, masks, shadows, mime and comic timing are separately masterly, and collectively bewilderingly accomplished.

Curchack is clearly on top of his art, and creating a genuinely new form of theatre.

Everything in the production is a direct illumination of themes in The Tempest."
__ Liam Lacey, The Globe and Mail, Toronto