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Ain't Misbehavin

The Tony award winning musical is a journey through the Fats Waller Songbook and Harlem in its heyday. With snazzy period costumes, complete with bowlers, spats, ermine, and pearls, the dynamic five-member cast transforms the theater into a Harlem jazz hall.


The McManus Comedies

The McManus Comedies are currently touring with the following laugh-packed shows : A Fine and Pleasant MiseryMcManus in LoveScrambled McManusPott Luck ~ written by Patrick F. McManus ~ starring Tim Behrens.

WhomperTim Behrens comes to your theater. He performs. Its a sold-out house. So...he comes back by request with the next play realizing the stories of Patrick F. McManus growing up in rural Idaho.
Each play Serves up a heaping plate of laughs through encounters with McManus “staples,” such as Rancid Crabtree, Crazy Eddie Muldoon, Mr. Muldoon, Mrs. Swisher, and young Pat—all played with distinction by actor Tim Behrens. McManus's books have sold over seven million copies! Offer your community a taste the best of Northwest humor.You'll be amazed by how many people in your community are already avid McManus fans. And you'll truly enjoy standing in the lobby at the end of the evening watching everyone leave with a smile on their face!

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A Fine and Pleasant MiseryMcManus in LoveScrambled McManusPott Luck

A treasure trove of Duke Ellington’s musical riches that won two Tony Awards, brought fame to Gregory Hines and is still one of the greatest vehicles for tap, song and The Duke’s sophisticated jazz.


Arms to Short

Your Arms Too Short to Box With God is a joyous free spirited celebration of gospel music. Featuring the music of Gospel legend Alex Bradford, Your Arms Too Short To Box With God tells the story of Christ from Psalm Sunday to the Resurrection through sermon, dance and sweet gospel music. A perfect show for families and church groups. The good vibrations can be felt throughout the theatre.


Five guys Named Moe

His woman left him, he's broke, and it's almost five o'clock in the mornin'. But don't worry about our hero Nomax. Out of his '30s-style radio pop "FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE", who cajole, wheedle, comfort, and jazz him with the whimsical hit songs of Louis Jordan, one of the most beloved songwriting talents of the twentieth century.


John O'Keefe's...

The play's brilliance — its ability to juggle three worlds with such dexterity that they look like one. The "catastrophe" of the second line refers, in a single word, to the murder of Hamlet's father, to the burning of the Reichstag and to 9/11. Every historical reference emerges as a breezy allegory for another.


Robert Rodriguez’ re-envisioning of Mozart’s comic opera, 'Bastien und Bastienne,' in a Mexican setting with a sorceress. La Curandera untangles a lover’s misunderstanding.



'Gauguin's Shadow'      and      'Stuff Dreams Are made On'

Solo Performer Extraordinaire

Fred Curchack has created over seventy original theatre pieces (ensemble works and twenty-three solos). His performances have been featured at dozens of international theatre festivals. He has received the Gold Medal at the International Festival of Solo Theatre, the American Theatre Wing Award Critics’ Awards in L.A., S.F., Dallas, Austin, and his work has been in the “Top Ten” of The Dallas Morning News and The New York Times.


Stuff Dreams Are made On
adapted from Shakespeare’s 'The Tempest'

Ron Jones...

With poignancy and grace, 'When God Winked' delivers an insider’s look at the current terrain for the disabled and the disenfranchised.

Enlightenment strikes Ron Jones at the most unexpected time and place



A hand-clapping, fan waving gospel review, which takes the audience through the history of gospel music.

From slave ship rhythms, to call and response in the cotton fields, the moving spirituals, Wade in the Water & Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen are the starting points for this journey