Forever Tango


The Hottest Show in the World is Coming to Town: Forever Tango, Luis Bravo’s internationally acclaimed dance spectacular, features 14 Tango Dancers, direct from Argentina, accompanied by a eleven-piece Bandoneon (German Accordion) and string orchestra.

Forever Tango is music, drama, culture, a way of life. The popularity of tango has exploded all over the world. Sensuous and sophisticated, the tango is a feeling that you dance. A story is channeled through the flick of the leg, the tug of a hand, the tap of a foot, and the arch of an eyebrow. It’s passionate, yet melancholic. Tender, yet violent. You dance it with somebody, but it is so internal, you dance it by yourself. Sixteen world-class tango dancers, one vocalist and the eleven-piece Forever Tango orchestra will leave you breathless.

Forever Tango took San Francisco by storm in 1994 and set the record for its longest-running touring show: 92 weeks at Theater On The Square, and hailed as “Forever magical. Sensual musical has perfected the passionate power of famed dance,” by the San Francisco Chronicle.   The show then moved to Broadway and toured the United States widely, as well as making appearances all over the world.







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“Gloriously varied, stunningly performed and beguilingly sexy: Forever Tango must be seen.”  —London Times

”The most magnificent, romantic, exciting evening you can ever spend. A fabulous show. Don’t miss this show” —KGO radio 

“A Show that you never want to end” —Marin Independent Journal

 “Torrid, Tremendous and Terrific” —The Toronto Sun

“Sensuous and Steamy! Superbly Entertaining”Clive Barnes NY Post

“A Must-See” —New York Times