Thirty-two years after the release of his first album,
    and 24 years after he began to record what is now
    recognizedas his signature style of melodic folk piano,
    one of the hardest working people in music insists he’s
    only scratched the surface.  But with a relentless tour
    schedule that includes more than 110 concerts a year,
    George Winston has arguably dug deep and wide into
    the hearts and minds of audiences from Klamath Falls,
    Oregon to Osaka, Japan and beyond.

         With the release of his tenth solo piano album,
    MONTANA - A LOVE STORY, George has come full
    circle with the rich themes of the childhood years
    he spent in Montana, combining the three distinct
    influential elements of the changing of the seasons,
    different topographies, and sociological influences
    into a single work that evokes a familiar image.

         MONTANA - A LOVE STORY continues the thread
    begun with his 1994 Grammy-winning album FOREST,
    which evoked the Western part of the state, and
    represents a marriage of the distinct landscapes and the
    pronounced seasonal changes of  both sides of his
    home state.  The album features five original songs –
    including High Plains Lullaby and The Mountain Winds
    Call Your Name, as well as interpretations of pieces by
    composers Philip Aaberg (Nevertheless, Hello), Mark
    Isham (Thumbelina), Frank Zappa (The Little House I
    Used to Live In), Sam Cooke (You Send Me), and others.
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