Scrambled McManus

A One-Man Stage Show

Starring Tim Behrens
Written by Patrick F. McManus        Directed by Jack Delehanty

"Scrambled McManus" is a bumper crop of tales harvested from the first three McManus Comedies: "A Fine and Pleasant Misery," "McManus in Love," "Pot Luck," and about 30 minutes of totally new material. The stories were selected by Pat and Tim as their favorites - and the favorites of past audiences.

The structure of the evening is an exploration of questions about the very nature of story itself: what makes a story, what possible purpose does it serve, and why have one in the first place? The set for this show, six stools and a bunch of empty space, provides a clean and neat simplicity to perfectly accompany the answers to these questions.

The menu for this one-man show includes, among others: Old Ed, the 100 year old camper;  The First Date reprise; The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw (a fur-fetched tale!); My First Cannon; The Grasshopper Trap; and The Bike (or how [not] to prepare for your first date).

Serving up a heaping plate of laughs are McManus "staples," such as Rancid Crabtree, Crazy Eddie Muldoon, Mr. Muldoon, Mrs. Swisher, Melba Peachbottom, and young Pat -- all played with distinction by actor Tim Behrens