How Much Does a Pool Safety Cover Cost

Safety should always be on top of the list at any circumstances. So as for swimming pools, drowning is what needs to prevent. Be cautious. It can happen to anyone; adults, animals, and most especially on kids. Safety pool covers can help a lot with that matter. They can hold massive weights securely, thus keep inevitable children and pets away from the pool water. That is why most pool owners use this type of pool cover. It always feels right to stay safe.

Safety pool covers are covers with springs on straps, connecting to the shelter. It will then be anchored to concrete to secure the connection. The installation requires the protection to be as tight as the trampoline to provide the best of safety. It keeps the leaves, and other debris dry, making them easy to blow away.

Safety pool covers come in two types: the mesh safety pool cover and the solid pool cover.

Mesh Safety Pool Cover

It is the primary type of security cover that typically lasts 10-15 years. It is an expert in keeping leaves and other debris off. It can also support heavy weight. Because of this, mesh covers do not require any attention. Its price is lower, and possesses light-weight, compared with the other safety cover type. Since it is more like a net, it will not need a pump to remove water. It cannot collect rainwater. However, because of this, the pool water is expected to be dirty. It takes much work to bring back the standard cleanliness of the pool water. Usually, clearing the cloud or murky water takes 2 to 5 days to open the swimming pool. Cleaning the pool water takes that long if it is contaminated.  

Solid Safety Pool Cover

It is the other safety pool cover type made from solid vinyl plastic that can last for about 6-10 years. It is not quite as long as the mesh cover’s life span. Compared with the mesh cover,  light and water are not welcome. It may result in the prevention of algae growth, thus swimming pool is undoubtedly far from contamination. However, it requires a pump to remove the water on top of it upon opening up the swimming pool. 

The price of swimming pool safety cover ranges $1,200- $3,000. A very reasonable price for a protection that helps saves lives, effort, water, replacement cost, accessories, and energy. It saves lives, as reported earlier, up to what extent. Conserves water because water can fill up naturally. It is best, possibly during spring. Saves effort because it is very convenient to install, remove, and maintain. Save accessories in such a way it does not need as many accessories than that of the solid safety pool cover. Save replacement cost for the reason that it can last four times longer than the lifespan of other solid covers. Also, save energy that does not require a pool cover pump for the entire winter.

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