How to Use Solar Pool Cover

Making use of a solar pool cover increases the pool water temperature while corresponding swimming pool costs decrease. The pool costs mentioned include chemical consumption, electrical bills, and water bills. It can even help prolong the urge for swimming. 

Here are some tips on how to use a solar pool cover. It is for those who are interested and for the first timers as well. To already experience the benefits in which generally is very economical.

First thing’s first; purchase a solar pool over. Measure the swimming pool to know the measurement of the solar cover needed. Make use of a tape measure. Be defined and accurate about the right size. 

Put the solar cover on every time the swimming pool is not in use. At daytime, solar pool cover works in a way that it absorbs heat from the sun and warms the pool water. There is no need for a pool heater. Also, water can as well evaporate during the day, but using solar cover can prevent it from happening. Likewise, pool chemicals disappear from direct sunlight, thus putting a solar cover on can stop it. At night, a solar pool cover works in such a way that it prevents heat loss caused by the lowering of the temperature and the occurrence of evaporation. It insulates the pool water and contains the heat gained the whole day. 

If wish to use the swimming pool, put the solar pool cover off before diving into the swimming pool. Roll it off and store on the side. Purchase a solar pool cover reel to do any activity with the pool cover (remove, install, or replace) conveniently and of less effort. Just return the solar pool cover on when finished with the swimming pool. 

If in case need to cut the solar pool cover to fit in with the pool ladders and rails, refer and consult on the solar cover warranty before proceeding with the desire. It is better to be safe than sorry.

The solar pool cover should not use during dangerous circumstances. It pertains to the days of strong winds and heavy storms. Remove the solar pool cover during these days. It is to secure the blanket from possible damage caused by falling debris. Aside from the circumstances mentioned above, avoid using the solar cover when an earthquake shocks the pool. Remove the solar swimming pool cover as early as possible. It can damage the solar blanket from low ph balance, low alkaline level, and soft water. Until the ph level is less than 2.5ppm, do not put the solar pool cover on.

For those months that the swimming pool will not be of use, remove the solar pool cover permanently. Follow the proper storage for this cover. Please keep it safe. It should still be of use on the coming swimming season for the following years. It can even exceed its given life span if to apply proper maintenance and storage in every season.  

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