What is the Best Solar Pool Cover

Always remember that the best solar pool cover is the one that has a thick solar pool blanket and the best ultraviolet resistance. It also has excellent color and possesses perfect fitting. Since solar pool covers absorb heat energy under the sunlight while protecting the swimming pool water from other elements, they should also have the best durability and overall value.

Consider all these if looking for the best solar pool cover to buy and use. Though they come in a variety of shapes and thickness, always see to it that any solar pool cover you choose will never fail to provide the best of its effectivity. To be of help in finding the best solar pool cover, here are some of the researched solar pool cover brands of different quality, size, and prices. Deciding which of them is the best is up to you.

Magni-Clear Above Ground Solar Pool Cover by Blue Wave

Its solar cover is transparent. A round shaped solar pool cover with diameters ranging from 15-33 ft. It has protective layers made from polymer plastic that should not leave under the sunlight for long. The sun’s heat might separate these layers. Under the blanket are air bubbles for better protection. Its transparent appearance doesn’t allow the absorption and reflection of light, causing the pool water to absorb the sun’s heat by it. Its blanket is thick. It is the best option for the protection of the swimming pool.

5 Mil BlueBlue Solar Pool Cover by Doheny’s

The thinnest (5mils.) and very lightweight solar pool cover making it not useful in trapping heat. Its solar blanket can only use in a single season for scorching places. It comes in three colors (clear, blue, and clear-blue combination). The air bubbles at the bottom are what insulates the swimming pool from elements and other debris. 

pool cover

8 Mil BlueBlue Solar Pool Cover by Doheny’s

An eight mils. thick solar pool cover made from polyethylene plastic. It may come in a round, rectangular and oval shape and of different sizes as well. The blanket of transparent appearance heats the pool faster. Blue colored sheet gives better protection from debris and other elements. A combination of blue-clear color if in case looking for less heat with more security.

12 Mil Poolcenter Solar Pool Cover

It is a thick solar blanket, made from polyethylene plastic that is capable of heating the swimming pool water ranging from 10-15 degrees. It has air pocket raised to prevent evaporation and offers protection from more massive debris (branches, falling trees, garbage). Its air bubbles trap heat keeping pool water warm. Because it is thick, it is durable. However, avoid to expose in direct sunlight most of the time. It comes in different sizes for all types of pool. 

16 Mil Poolcenter Solar Pool Cover

It is one of the thickest solar pool cover available. The top layer is made from polyethylene plastic and is aluminum made with tiny air-filled pockets as an insulator at the bottom.  There is no waste of sun’s heat.  

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