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King County Journal

The fourth annual Issaquah Winter Micro Brew and Blues Festival will be a benefit for Artbeat, a nonprofit organization that brings the performing arts to venues in Everett. Last year, Artbeat presented the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, the Tannahill Weavers and the Seattle Men's Chorus, among other notable performing artists.

David Shaw, organizer and founder of Artbeat, says about 18 to 20 breweries will tap about 50 different kinds of beers. Among the breweries will be the Issaquah Brewing Company, Bear Creek Brewing Company, Pacific Rim Brewing Co., Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co., Bridgeport Brewery, Orchard Street Brewery, Hales, Full Sail, Pike Brewing Company, Mendocino, Anacortes Brewhouse, Mac and Jack's Brewery, Hood Canal Brewery and Spire Mountain Cider.

Serving the food will be the Wildfire Ranch Barbecue, a restaurant in Issaquah's Gilman Village. And, for emphasis on atmosphere, Shaw has booked one of his favorite blues bands, Watertown Blues, to perform throughout the two-day festival held in the Pickering Barn.

Shaw said that the event will be dedicated to the memory of Bert Grant, noted as one of the founders of the American Craft Brewers movement. Grant, who died recently, began his career in commercial brewing in Eastern Canada, but came to the Northwest and helped launch a movement that has become a Northwest tradition.

The 8th Annual Everett
January 5 - 2002
Brewery Lane

Winter brew festivals are also becoming a fixture in the Northwest; winter season 2000 saw three of them, in Everett, Issaquah and Bellingham. These three events were organized by Artbeat as the "Winter Brew and Blues Festivals." The Everett one, January 7-8, was the sixth annual fest, held at Howard Johnson's Plaza, with support from Scuttlebutt Brewery, Flying Pig Brewing, Diamond Knot Brewery, local distributors, homebrew suppliers and homebrewers associations. Issaquah's fest, the second one in that city, was held January 21-22, with sponsorship from Issaquah Brewery and others, in the fine Community House at Vasa Park. With any luck, early recipients of this edition of the Celebrator will still have time to get on up to Bellingham for its first fest in this series, February 4-5.

Participating sponsors include Boundary Bay and Orchard Street breweries. More information can be obtained from David Shaw at Artbeat

Celebrator.com, February, 2002

Festivals continue apace. David Shaw's Artbeat organization has once again produced Winter Microbrew and Blues Festivals in Everett and Issaquah. The Everett edition was held on January 5 at the Howard Johnson's close to downtown. The Issaquah edition has grown big enough to require the use of Pickering's Barn, out by the Issaquah Costco. Participating Washington breweries included Snoqualmie Falls, Rogue's Issaquah Brew House, Ram Big Horn, Hale's, Northwest Breww‘rks, Flying Pig and Gordon Biersch.

Fallsbrew Newsletter
Issaquah Winter MicroBrew & Blues Festival
January 18 & 19
Great New Location: Pickering Barn, by Issaquah COSTCO
Welcome Back: Watertown Blues Band!
Featuring Winter Brews & Root Beers
Enjoy Specialty Foods, Live Music and more!
Presented by Artbeat 2625 Colby #3; Everett WA 98201
David Shaw: 425.444.5052 or Scott Randall: 425.252.3352

Cascade Brewers Guild, February 2002
Winterfest WAS here!
January 18 & 19
Great New Location: PICKERING BARN, by Issaquah COSTCO
Dedicated to the memory of the Dean of American Craft Brewers: Bert Grant
Admission prices are $12.50 at the door or $10 in advance, available at: Issaquah Brew House; Wildfire Ranch BBQ, Kirkland: NW Brewwerkes, Mountain HomeBrew, Redmond: Bear Creek Brewery, Celtic Bayou Brewpub, Kent: Larry's Warehouse Brew Supplies.
Presented by Artbeat: 2625 Colby #3; Everett WA 98201 David Shaw: 425.444.5052 or Scott Randall: 425.879.8262


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