Written and performed by Ron Jones
with video clip projections.

When God Winked is an epic adventure about the final days of heaven.

For the past 30 years Ron Jones has worked in a place called heaven. (The San Francisco Recreation Center for the Handicapped - now called the Janet Pomeroy Center). Sometimes if you stay in one place long enough you witness some everyday miracles.

In Ron's telling of this true story you get to meet Vanish Man, the Pope of the Sunset, and a woman that talks with God. Angels that speak in tongues and fart at inappropriate times. Angels that offer a silent wisdom in a time of noise! Like so many in heaven they are engaged in an epic struggle between freedom and religious zeal.

There is enlightenment in Heaven but like a car bomb, it comes from an unexpected place. Yes, of course, you'll find God in this story. You also might encounter the biggest surprise of your life. Yourself. In the moment When God Winked.

Seating in Heaven is limited. Don't be left out.